March Madness Finals Part 2

Team 2 (Surender, Chris, Dion, and Brefo) and Team 4 (Kramer, Decorianm Jad, Joseph, and Mohammed) had made it to the finals. To increase the pressure on both teams, a new rule was made: the first team to get to three points would win the championship. Both teams understood that whoever lost this next game would not only lose the match, but the entire championship. With this in mind, both teams went to the field and played their hardest.

The scoring would begin when Decorian Morgan seized the ball off a rebound and quickly scored it for one point. A minute later, he’d score again, making the score 2-0 and putting even more pressure on Team 2 to succeed. In the 4th minute, from a nice sequence of passes involving all three members of the team, Jad would score, finishing the game off. In a game that they clearly dominated, Team 4 was rightfully declared the winners of Carnegie’s 2014 March Madness Tournament.

Final Score:

3(Team 4)-0 (Team 2)


Decorian Morgan: Scored two one-pointers (0:38, 1:52)
Jad Moghnieh: Scored a one-pointer (4:16)

Man of the Match: Decorian Morgan
This man came up big, scoring two huge points. His presence was felt throughout the game. With his help, Team 4 dominated this game.

NOTE: In regular basketball, a shot made outside the three-point line is worth three points, and a shot made inside the three-point line is worth two points. However, in Carnegie’s March Madness Tournament, a shot made outside the three point line is worth only two points, while any shots made inside the three point line are worth only one point.
In addition, for the above game, the first team to get to three points would win the game.

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