CVHS Compliments Changes Hands

Ever since it’s founding last year after the scandal of CVHS Confessions had died down, CVHS Compliments has been the prime way to spread the word about your friend or a stranger and how awesome they are in an entirely anonymous way. It never hurts to check your Facebook notifications and see that someone has complimented you, or even better submit your own compliment and make someone else’s day.

I think the Compliments page speaks to the true community of Carnegie. Yes, we had a confessions page and yes, it was taken down which caused a lot of upset among the student body. But in it’s place, we have a new- and perhaps even better- page to share feelings about how diverse, interesting, and different the Carnegie community can be.

The secret behind the Carnegie Compliments page is a moderator who goes through countless compliment submissions and then posts them to the page. With seniors graduating this year, the moderator has handed down their responsibilities to a mysterious lower classman. Of course this won’t change the success of the compliments page, it will continue to thrive and grow as the Carnegie Rhinos also continue share their love for one another.

Want to submit a compliment or read some recent submissions? Click here!

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