Weekly Poll: Are You Ready to Hit Up Your Beach Body?

Well, hello there, May. We’re two weeks away from June, the month everyone reveals their beach bodies to the world. If you’ve ever fantasized about tearing your shirt off and emerging from the water like a glistening Chris Hemsworth or vivacious Heidi Klum, you’re not alone. 

True Blood actor Joe Manganiello hitting the beach.

True Blood actor Joe Manganiello hitting the beach.

But perhaps our New Years’ resolution of cutting out a lean, svelte core died down as AP week came around. If you’re still working on your look, don’t worry — you can still reconstruct your physique by exercising with a fat-incinerating workout, cutting out a defined V-cut, or doing some grocery shopping. (Those link to my all-time LeanitUP workout regimes.) 

What we would like to know is if you, currently in your prime years of your high school career, are ready to show off some musculature — or figure — this warm season. (But don’t take it too seriously, we’re just curious.) 

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