Summer Edition 2014: World Cup, X-Men, Summerfest, Europe, and More

While The Rhino Press already covers many events at Carnegie throughout the school year, we will also continue to share stories through the summer. Through dedication and ingenuity, we are evolving from a seedling’s ambition into a blooming network of writers and their audiences of students, school staff, and parents — in a span of two months.

With that being said, let’s lay out a few summer plans we’re covering: Free Press Summer Fest reviews? Check. FIFA World Cup predictions? Check. Reviews of hilarious comedies (22 Jump Street), epic superhero action films (X-Men: Days of the Future Past), and tear-jerking dramas (The Fault in Our Stars)? Check. All the details of our theater department’s well-deserved trip to Europe? Check. With our continuous updates on social media and venues of publication, the latest scoop from the entertainment sector and opinions on important global issues (with the addition of our new op-ed column) will be delivered at your screen-step. 

Although we’ve got some details covered, our chief interest this summer is you. Yes, you, reading this right now. Share your vacation stories, opinions, and reviews with us by writing a Letter to the Editor or emailing us at

Already got plans for the summer you hope to share with us? Send us an email or message one of our staff members in advance and we will look forward to your event. We hope to hear from you soon!


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