Why Miley Cyrus Isn’t the Problem

Miley Cyrus has gotten her fair share of media coverage this year. Everyone was shocked when Disney Channel’s favorite sweetheart took off all of her clothes and went crazy in her We Can’t Stop music video released last summer. She fueled her new raunchy image even further by joining Robin Thicke onstage in a skimpy mouse costume during last year’s Video Music Awards. It’s easy to write off Cyrus as promiscuous and shame her for her recent decisions,  but doing so perpetuates an unhealthy standard for female celebrities in the United States.

It’s important to note that there seems to be a significant correlation between females who assert their independence by taking control of their own image, and females who get criticized heavily by the general population through social media. Now, while any AP Statistics student can tell you that correlation doesn’t necessarily indicate causation, we have to look at the facts: Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, and P!nk are other examples of female celebrities who have been criticized for wearing short dresses and singing about the men they’ve dated or slept with. These women regularly show up on the front page of Yahoo or on the cover of People Magazine to be criticized for what they wear in public or for the lyrics to their newest song. Meanwhile, male musicians like the band One Direction, Drake, and Cody Simpson receive next to no criticism for releasing songs about their romantic and sexual conquests.

mileyAnother excuse that many people use to hate on celebrites is the “role model” play. “She’s supposed to be a role model! How could she do this? What about the children?!” This is another stereotype directed frequently towards female celebrities. They are assigned the role of being a mother, even when they don’t always want to be one. No one really said anything when Zac Efron transitioned from singing cute love songs in High School Musical to stripping naked for big screen R-rated movies. The fact of the matter is that Miley Cyrus is young, talented, and a fresh new face in the growing music industry. She is allowed to experiment with her image and doesn’t owe you or your children anything.

While I am in no way stating that I look up to or condone Cyrus’ recent shenanigans, the blatant hatred and anger that is directed toward her is unwarranted, and possibly indicative of a larger social issue.


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