Tips on Getting (and Keeping) a High School Relationship

Most of us have probably experienced it before… that unsettling, but warm and fuzzy feeling in your body. You know what I’m getting at right? Hint: it starts with an “L.” You’re probably wondering, Lesbians? That TV show, The L-Word? Lunch?

Love. That’s what I’m talking about. If you guessed right, go get a Go-Gurt from the fridge and that’s your prize. Congrats.

If you guessed wrong, get a pet fish to make you feel better.

High school relationships are tough, sometimes daunting depending on your situation. Your parents have probably warned you from them but you’re honestly so rebel and punk (oh I’m so all about Fall Down Boy and “Honey, We’re Going Down”), what are they going to do about it? You scare me. Please. Take it down a notch.

Hopefully this article will help get you the girlfriend/boyfriend and the healthy relationship of your dreams (we’re talking marriage, kids, and probably divorce later here).

1: Communication is vital.

Wondering where the bae is? Who are his/her friends really and are they worthy of your attention? What’s their favorite food and will they commit to binge-watching all seasons of Parks & Recreation? Communication is one of the most important components of a healthy relationship. Let your S.O. know what you’re up to and vice versa. Text and calling is of course the best form of communication.

escalateYou need to think bigger than the typical what-member-of-the-attracted-sex-are-you-with-right-now. Think about the little details regarding you and the bae. Let your S.O. know what you are eating for breakfast this moment, the type of kid show Band-aid you used on that vicious paper cut (that Dora theme. Not so punk, are you now?), the like. You get what I’m getting at here.



2. Make sure you show tons of PDA.

This will let everyone know your relationship status and make them feel bad about their own (with their mother *cue fifth grade classroom ooh’s*). On the flipside, everyone loves how romantic it is when you and the bae are in the middle of the hallway or at the bottom/top of the stairs kissing each other repeatedly. We can’t wait for Valentine’s Day. I’m not even joking.


toast3. Shower your boo with quirky gifts at random times of the day.

Perfume, cologne, watches, chocolates, and roses are nice, but let’s not be too clichéd alright? For a male bae, get him AXE. There’s nothing more refreshing and attractive than the scent of AXE, especially when the user has possibly drowned in a pool of it and you could literally smell it from miles away. For the female bae, you should get something that represents the constant infinity of your love. Probably, a mix tape of all the songs featured in Chipotle. Their songs sound exactly the same, and there’s really no beginning and end between them.


4. Freshen things up.

Don’t constantly talk about and go on the same type of dates. Be spontaneous with your boo. It’s the little things that will make the other fall and they will love the surprises you plan for them. Show off your mad hacky-sack skills, admire Michelle Obama’s arms together, watch that ten minute video of Fiona Goode from American Horror Story saying “knotty pine” over and over again, play hide-and-seek in a park with them and probably forget to look for them. It’s romantic really.


cats single5. Conflicts are deadly signs.

If you ever do go through conflicts in your relationship, you’re obviously doing something wrong. I’m the relationship expert here. But hypothetically if this does happen, you should just cry a lot, get a cat, and look forward to that type of future (if you’re allergic to cats, then just sign up for a spin cycle class or something. Those are always great).


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