Review: GradePro App Released for HISD Students

This September, Gradespeed invited HISD to join its new paperless classroom management tool: an intuitive app called GradePro. While it has received little publicity through the HISD website, it is a popular and efficient option for both teachers and students to record grades and attendance, check scores, receive notifications, along with many other Premium robust features (Premium costs $1.99 on the App store).



With the app available on the App Store, students can:

  • accurately check overall GPA by weighting each class on a point-scale*
  • Check average grade of combined classes
  • check each class’ grades on a highlighted color scale (displaying shades of red, orange, yellow, and green)
  • see grade fluctuations by the number of points
  • analyze grade trends over time*
  • see an annotation under the assignment grade noting the weighted scale
  • receive notifications of new grades*

*Denotes a premium feature

An effective and powerful app, GradePro is an innovative bridge that will take education to the mobile level, improve communication between teachers and students, and keep students well-informed at the speed of their fingertips.

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