Carnegie’s IFest to Raise $12,000 for AIDS

The International Festival (iFest) is run by the CVHS Interact Club, formerly known as Rhino Beyond Borders. Interact is sponsored by Rotary International and aims to provide opportunities for young people to work together in a world fellowship dedicated to service and international understanding. It has done its job well. It is currently the largest club at Carnegie, with over 100 members. But, how does one manage a club that contains about 20% of the school’s population? How does the student-run organization pull-off iFest in less than two months?

Activities at iFest

  • Over 8 different cultural regions represented
    • Over 100 food items
  • Over 50 activities
    • Pepper Eating Contest
  • A Silent Auction
  • An International Fashion Show (7:00-7:30)
  • A Cultural Performance Show (8:00-9:30)

“Our goal this year is to raise $12,000 for the adolescents at the Phatsimong Adolescent Centre, in Botswana, Africa. These teenagers deal with HIV/AIDS and lack the support system and resources needed to make them independent and successful. The Phatsimong Adolescent Centre treats more than 4,000 HIV-infected children and families around Botswana, with the ultimate goal of coordinating adolescent care throughout the country and to one day eliminate AIDS. The children the center helps often have difficulty adhering to their medication regimen and may suffer from behavioral or psychological problems due to their condition. Our $12,000 donation will go towards the construction of a multi-purpose outdoor sports court–with outdoor sports flooring, basketball hoops, a volleyball net, and a shade netting cage that will encourage the adolescents to continue their regimen and become strong, influential individuals.”

Mai Pham, a senior at Carnegie Vanguard High School, the founder and president of Interact (and the president of Student Council) has many challenges coming up for iFest which will occur on Friday, November 14, 2014. Having volunteered in a Vietnamese Orphanage and experiencing firsthand what other children in other countries are going through, she founded Rhinos Beyond Borders. Now, there are over 115 members in the club! I interviewed Mai in Coach Lamane’s room where she was working with other Interact members on posters and signs for the highly anticipated iFest.

Sponsorship and Committees of IFest

This year we are being sponsored by the Rotary Club of Houston Skyline which will give us alot more exposure. Our goal is to raise $12,000 which is unheard of for a school festival but we want HISD to know we are working together as a club and that we can accomplish anything with dedication and passion. We meet about an hour each weekly meeting and there are over 115 members. That means we spend as a club at least 115 hours a week.


Everything is broken down into separate committees. Each committee is responsible for a small aspect of the event yet each committee together forms an amazing event at Carnegie. There is a committee for Advertising, the Cultural Performance, Music, and Cultural Committees (Asian, Hispanic, South Asian & Middle Eastern, European, African, and Caribbean). These committees not only meet at lunch on Monday’s with the rest of the Interact members, but all another time during the week in Coach Terry’s room to get every aspect organized for the festival.

When you come out to iFest and see all the magnificent foods, activities, and shows know that a lot of time, commitment, and passion was put in. Not to raise money for the school or a club but to help total strangers that are in need of help. Money that will go into a construction project that will put a smile on people’s faces. IFest isn’t selling you a product, but instead allowing you to invest your money for a cause for the better good of a society.

We have the opportunity over here to do something while other people are working to feed their family, to go to school, and to get a better education. We have all of that. So why can’t we put in the extra effort to help them and make a difference? – Interact Club President Mai Pham

Ticket pricing

$10 pre-sale — buy here or at lunch in the cafeteria Nov 10-13.

$15 at door

iFest t-shirts— presale $10 or at the festival for $12

Admission ticket includes: unlimited access to the mechanical bull, mechanical surf machine, inflatable sumo wrestler activity, and inflatable joust activity & admission to Cultural Performance Show and International Fashion Show.

Facebook Event

CVHS Interact Club Website

To become a sponsor ($250+) and have name featured on iFest t-shirt email:

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