90s Fashion: The Comeback of a Patterned Decade

For some reason, the universe has conspired to set the glorious psyche of the modern teenager on the road to 90’s fashion. This can be seen as a good and bad thing. Lord knows what our older siblings were thinking when they slapped on that scrunchie or that gaudy hoop earring (singular). Fortunately, a couple of fashion gems seemed to have slipped out of the VHS tape riddled decade. Here are some totally “fly” trends.













Who knew farming could be so chic? Now that winter is upon us, overalls can be seen near and far, often paired with chunky sweaters or long sleeve shirts and a pair of nice heels or flats. Though back in the day one strap hanging off like a limp noodle was the way to go, modern fashion icons have taken to securing both straps for a casual, put together look.

High-Waisted Jeans















The 90’s has tossed the new millenium a beautiful thing. High-waisted jeans just make so much sense. They can be worn casually with a loose fitting t-shirt or sweater or they can be made to look more put together with nice jewelry and solid colored heels. Though they were worn tightly back then, usually with a baby tee or a tank top of wild print, today’s high waisted jeans are loose and being utilized for cute, simple, everyday wear.

Crop Tops

crop tops

crop top












The 90’s were a place of wonder and amazement. Girls were showing of their stomachs with low cut jeans and high cut crop tops which caused all of their teachers to be “buggin” and send them to the principal’s office. Or maybe that’s just the movies. Today’s crop tops lean more towards showing off just a thin area of stomach as to keep the look cute and casual instead of sordid.

Hopefully I’ve given you the buzzin’ 4-1-1 on how not to be a scrub in the 90’s filled fashion world of 2014.

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