Texas Thespians: 14 National Qualifiers, 4 All-State

Last weekend, Carnegie’s thespians traveled to Dallas for Texas Thespians, an annual convention where International Thespian Society troupes come together to learn about, watch, and compete in various forms of theatre. There were over 5,000 other theatre students from all parts of Texas. This led to many new friends, hugs from outgoing thespians who waved around “Free Hugs” signs, and epic dance parties.

To go along with the fun, there were many opportunities to learn and grow as a performer and technician. Every day, thespians went to many different workshops ranging from Acting with Intention to Making Props From Duct Tape. There was even a Beyoncé in Heels workshop. Anastasia Vayner, ’16, reflects on her Beyoncé experience.

I haven’t danced in a very long time, but the second our teacher turned on Partition, my heart started beating really fast and I remembered why I loved moving so much. The workshop was intense and it reminded me of all my dance classes where I could never give up and the more I practiced, the stronger I would get. Also, my thighs hurt like CRAZY for the next couple of days, and my love for Beyoncé only intensified.

Carnegie Troupe

Carnegie Troupe

During the workshops, there were competitions and auditions. Carnegie’s thespians competed in solo musical, solo acting, duet acting, group acting, scenic art, costume design, lighting design, stage managing and playwriting. During the convention, they each bravely presented in front of a panel of three judges who scored them from 0-100. To qualify for nationals, a total score of 270+ was required. Fourteen of Carnegie’s thespians qualified; this is a record number for Carnegie and a greater percentage of qualifiers than a majority of other schools.

Just as exciting were the auditions for next year’s All State show; Big Fish, a musical, will be performed at next year’s convention and starts rehearsing as early as this January. All four of Carnegie’s techies that auditioned got chosen to be a part of the show. Bennett Johnson, ’16, responded to being selected as the head of lighting by saying, “Lighting is a form of art, and I am really excited to show my passion for lighting and work with professionals in the state show.”

Gebriella Hailemariam, ’16, said it all:

Texas Thespians was a great learning experience in that we didn’t only compete against the thousands of other thespians around Texas that attended, but we were also able to attend workshops taught by professionals and talk to college representatives. It was so much fun and I can’t wait for next year!

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