Carnegie senior hosts Broadway star Daniel Leclaire

Actors often are celebrities on the big stage, you being the fan. Imagine those ‘celebrities’ living in your home. Bailey Kogut, a senior at Carnegie Vanguard, had the opportunity to host an actor from the touring production of The Book of Mormon, a 9-time Tony award winning Broadway musical. The Book of Mormon performed at the Hobby Center from January 20 to February 8.

The Book of Mormon is recognized for its phenomenally entertaining songs and humor. It focuses on a stereotypical, peppy Mormon-duo on their mission to convert Ugandans to Mormonism.

Bailey Kogut and family hosted Daniel Leclaire, who played Elder Smith. I was able to ask her a few questions on the experience.

Theater crew with Leclaire

Theater crew with Leclaire

What was it like having a Broadway star living with you?

He was so amazing… and got us into an event at with the cast and a signed poster from the cast.

What was it like seeing Daniel Leclaire in the show?

I saw the show before I knew about Daniel Leclaire staying with us actually, so just knowing that I had seen him previously and seeing the amazing amount of talent he has was incredible.

What was your relationship with him like? Was it like having a relative stay with you, or like having a friend over?

He seemed like a cousin. He came to Carnegie per my request to say hi to the theatre department and he was so pleasant to be around. I wish I could have gotten to know him better, but he did have to go to another city to perform. It was an amazing experience to talk to someone with so many accomplishments and to be able to say that he stayed at my house!

Earlier this month, he visited the Carnegie Vanguard Theatre Department and talked about his experiences in theatre. Gebriella Hailemariam, a junior at Carnegie Vanguard, noted that he, amusingly, was “very intrigued by our smart board technology” and also “offered a lot of great advice on having a career in theatre.”

Featured photo by Joan Marcus

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