Apple Watch to be released April 24th

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In a month, Apple will be releasing its newest product: the Apple Watch. The Watch is its “most personal device yet,” doubling as both a tool and a fashion statement. However, it’s not just a handy timepiece. It functions much like an iPhone and features characteristics common to Apple products: a sleek design, interactive, and a product of the latest technology.

Notable features

  • Battery life of up to 18 hours
  • Prices ranging from $349 to $17k
  • 38 models, including a gold 18 karat design
  • Syncs with iPhone
  • Require owner to have an iPhone5 or another more recent product
  • Detachable wristbands, which have already resulted in many third-party designs to become available
  • Navigation via digital crowns
  • Touch-sensitive and press-sensitive screens
  • Built-in apps like Siri, Mail, Maps, etc.
  • Heart rate sensors for exercising
  • Two heights of 38mm and 42mm





The Apple Watch will be released at the end of this April, on the 24th. However, customers will be able to preorder their Watch and schedule reservations starting April 10th. Accessories, such as bands, charging docks, and screen protectors, will also be available for release. Many other companies are beginning to cash in on the Watch’s release to sell their own accessories for the product, so there’s lots for Apple fans to choose from.

However, Apple isn’t the first to produce a smart watch. Other companies, such as Samsung and Pebble, have already released their own watches, though with little success. But despite that, Apple has confidence in its sales, as shown by the high prices they plan to market the Watches at.

With relatively little competition and a wide range of features, but a big price tag and the requirement of at least an iPhone5, it’s difficult to determine the future of the Apple Watch.

So the question remains: is the Apple Watch innovative enough to win the hearts of Apple fans far and wide, or is it set up for failure?

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