CVHS soccer teams head to playoffs

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Carnegie’s soccer teams are soon wrapping up a fantastic season, the men’s team with a 8-2-1 record and the women’s team with a 2-2-3 record, both heading to playoffs this Thursday at Mason Park fields on South 75th Street. The women’s team will play at Mason #4 at 6:00 PM and the men’s team will play at Mason #5 at 7:30 PM.

The men’s team is coached by Mr. Jeff Christian, who has trained the players in practices twice a week for several months and lead them in games against other HISD teams. Mr. Christian works to teach his players determination, character, and work ethic. The men’s team goes into each game ready to “play hard and come out on top,” and they look forward to playing their best in district playoffs.

The women’s team is coached by a team parent as well as by the four team captains, Juliana Dunn, Ariel Hayes, Kendall Barton, and Keleen McNamara. These four players split up teaching different areas of focus during practice. They frequently call out instructions to players from on the field during a game, keeping an eye on the ball as well as on their team’s movements. The captains like to get the team together for bonding activities like sleepovers and bake sales.

Anyone watching these teams on or off the field can see their great dynamics. One of the women’s captains, Juliana Dunn, said that this years’ women’s team is one of the strongest teams she’s seen at CVHS, as well as describing them as a “big, loving family.” The students of these teams bond over wins and losses, hard work, and having a good time the whole way through.

Below are pictures taken by team parents from CVHS games during the past few months. Check out our teams in action, and then get out to support the Men’s Team in the upcoming playoffs!

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