The Best Pranks to Pull This April Fool’s Day

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With April fool’s Day looming around the corner, it’s time for you to pick your prank. However, with school restrictions, and safety precautions, choosing one is no easy feat — which is why Rhino Press compiled a list of recommended pranks for every occasion. With this list of safe and humorous pranks, your April Fool’s Day is bound to be one to remember.

The Family Pranks

The good thing about pranking family members is that they are far more lenient (for the most part) and understanding than schools and work offices. Because of this, the options for pranking are more numerous in this category.

Alarm Clock Frenzy

There are two versions of this prank. First off, you can take an alarm clock (most phones have them built in) and set it to a ridiculous time (i.e. 3:00 a.m). Next, place the set alarm clock in some obscure location in your victim’s room. And voilà! Have fun hearing your victim struggle to find the alarm.

The second version to this prank is relatively the same, with more alarm clocks. The more the merrier right….  Well anyways, hide the alarm clocks in different locations, and you can either set them to the same time, or all different ones. This version is more “intense,” and will for sure get you some evil eye action in the morning. But hey! April fool’s day comes only once a year, so why not make the best of it.

The Classic “Shaving Cream in the Face”



I’m pretty sure we have all heard of this prank before. First, you put a BIG whop of shaving cream into the hand of your selected family member. Next, tickle their nose, and watch them smack themselves in the face. This is one of the most classic pranks, along with the “hand in a warm cup” prank, and it is a good prank to do if you have strict parents. However, it may not be too easy to clean up.

The Sharpie Face

As the name implies, sharpies are involved, but really, any writing instrument will suffice. While your family member is asleep, draw on their faces, and even on their arms. When your victim wakes up and looks into the mirror, they will be in for a surprise. Depending on how strict your parents are, you can use sharpie, or even washable marker. This prank is classic, and will for sure bring in some laughs. Just as a tip, while drawing on their faces, draw cautiously so that they don’t wake up.

Salt and Pepper It

The night before April fool’s day, switch up your family’s salt and pepper shakers, whether they are to be used for breakfast or dinner, your family is in for a salty/ sweet surprise!

You’ve Just Been Egged

If your family uses eggs a lot for cooking, this joke is bound to be egg-cellent. All you have to do is glue the eggs into their egg cartons and watch your parents struggle as they try to pull them out.


School Pranks

The problem with pulling pranks at school rests mainly on the fact that there are so many rules. Due to this, be mindful of school regulations before pulling off any pranks.

An Apple for Your Teacher

This prank involves a little bit of preparation. Obtain gummy worms and an apple. Carefully carve out the core of your apple and put gummy worms inside. Give your gummy apple to your teacher, and have fun getting a laugh out of them.

The Ol’ Switcheroo

At home, print out some push or pull labels onto a sheet of paper. Next, get to school early and place the signs on the opposite door. Meaning on a door you should push, you should put a sign saying to pull. It is quite astonishing how many people will actually believe in the signs…(lol).

via youtube

via youtube

Rick Roll’d

A fun throwback to the past. Don’t know what it is to be rick roll’d? According to urban dictionary, it is “to be tricked into clicking a link of a Rick Astley video. To rick-roll a friend, send them an email entitled “study video,” or anything that will get them to open the link. Then they will be tricked into seeing Rick Astley sing a song…and all will be good.

I hope you use one of these practical April Fool’s jokes on your friends or family to fulfill your once-in-a-year opportunity.



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