McKinney police officer resigns over pool party arrests

Photo courtesy of Brandon Brooks

A recent viral video of a white male officer David Eric Casebolt pushing back and wrestling a black, teenage girl to the ground as well as brandishing his gun at other teens at a Texas pool party has caused him to resign from the city police force after his actions were deemed as “indefensible.”

Officer Reactions

Officer David Eric Casebolt resigned Tuesday from the McKinney Police Department after almost 10 years on the force. His resignation was confirmed by his attorney, Jane Bishkin of Dallas. McKinney Police Chief Greg Conley had placed the 41-year-old former Texas state trooper on administrative leave after the incident. Bishkin declined to say where Casebolt is now and said he had received multiple death threats.

Embry, a resident of the community, said that there may have been 130 kids there. Only seven of those caused the uncontrolled ruckus. The homeowner association of the community permits two people to go in the pool with a community member, but when a flyer of the party spread, people from outside of the community started swarming in. The security guards began to tell them they were not allowed to come in, but the teens jumped the fences and disregarded the police officers’ requests to leave. Embry later claimed that his community isn’t racist; it just needs people to follow the established rules.


The teen that had a gun pointed at him claimed that every police officer except Mr. Casebolt acted in a professional manner throughout the incident. He pulled out his gun on some teens and cussed multiple times. After the incident, a social media post alleged that the teens were targeted because they were black. Brandon Brooks, the 15-year old white teen who shot the video also alleged similarly. Brooks was one of the few white teenagers at the party who did not sit down despite orders. His friend, who agrees with Brandon, says that the incident said “this totally changed what he though of police officers.”

YouTube Videos

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The video above was taped by Brandon Brooks, who recorded the viral video. Below, the viral video starts at 3 minutes.

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In conclusion, there have been many incidents of disorderly conduct by police officers lately including Ferguson and the New York Chokehold incident. Many teens have started to lose their respect and trust of police officers which is super hard to gain. Although the police were disorderly, the teens were disorderly first which is a huge double standard. Although cops reputations have been decreasing, people need to understand that “one person does not define a community of police officers”.

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