Donald Trump announces run for President, brings controversy upon himself

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Donald Trump, the infamous businessman and celebrity known for hosting The Apprentice, has announced his run for US president, but has faced a wall of backlash in recent days. Trump has flirted with the idea of running for president for the last 30 years, announcing his intention to run every election without actually running, but this time Trump has outlined his plans and campaign to run for presidency.

In his announcement speech, Trump declared that ‘The American Dream is dead.’ but that ‘If I get elected President I will bring it back, bigger, better and stronger than ever before.’ And is running with the slogan: ‘TRUMP: MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!’ He also revealed his net worth to the crowd, saying: ‘I’m really rich. I have a net worth of $8.73bn. I’m not doing that to brag.’ And saying that what America currently needed was a businessman to sort out the country which he said Obama had turned into a ‘Third World Nation.’

Despite his grandiose speech he attracted a myriad of criticism and outrage, mainly for his comments about Mexico. He talked extensively about Mexican immigration, accusing the country of ‘Bringing their worst people’ to America, saying that many Mexican immigrants are murderers or ‘Rapists.’ He went on to say that one of the first things that would be enacted if he became president would be to build a ‘Huge wall’ on the border between Mexico and US, and that he would make Mexico pay for it.



This instantly bought condemnation from the public and from organisations alike. Lisa Navarrete, a spokeswoman for the NCLR, a Hispanic advocacy organisation, said in a statement that the claims were ‘absurd’ and that ‘[Trump] is a man who has a pathological need for attention… I look at him as I would a two year old.’ In Mexico piñatas are currently being sold depicting Trump, allowing people to figuratively ‘beat Trump.’

But the condemnation did not just come from minority advocacy organisations, but also from business that Trump was working with. NBC, who broadcasted the Trump owned Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants, have dropped the programs following Donald Trump’s derogatory comments. Following this, Macy’s, Serta and Billionaire Carlos Slim have all severed business relations with Trump following the outrage.

For a man who prides himself on his business ability, and is using that quality as a cornerstone of his campaign, to lose multiple contracts and jobs within days of announcing his run for presidency is an embarrassing move. And in a country as socially divided as the US, Trump’s hard-line republican platform has already alienated huge swathes of voters.

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