Turmoil in the Middle East is Affecting the World of Soccer

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With civil wars, refugees spreading across the world, and invasions from the ever growing organization I.S.I.S., the Middle East is in shambles. People all over the world are reacting differently. But soccer teams like Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich are showing us all how we should act. Because of the fact that Germany has been one of the more welcoming nations to the Syrian refugees, organizations all over Germany are seeing how they can do their part.including Bayern Munich. The Bavarian based team has donated over one million dollars to refugee relief.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “how is that a big deal, I mean that is only 1/30 of what they spent on Arturo Vidal,” or at least that is what I was thinking. And I will give you two answers to that single question. I first would say that a million dollars is still a lot of money despite the large figures we are used to seeing in soccer transfers. To put it in perspective, you right now just check your bank account and see if you have the available funds to donate one million dollars. Most will see that they don’t. If you do we should talk I would love your contact info. The second answer I would give is that they are doing so much more than that. They are creating sections in their youth academy to fit in refugee children, this will give them the opportunity to play with the Bayern youth, take language classes and have access to three meals a day. This is not just the case with Bayern but Borussia Dortmund and a couple of other German teams are doing this too. Not too mention the free tickets, and housing projects set up by Dortmund alone. Soccer teams are not the only ones answering the call to help those in trouble. Iraqi soccer player Ali Adnan has also been extremely affected by the trouble in the Middle East.

After Iraq was invaded by an organization known as “the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” (ISIS) the 21 year old decided to temporarily halt his soccer career and to defend his homeland from takeover. Turkish club Caykur Rizespor (his team at the time) did in fact confirm his absence from the team, though they also insisted that he had not enlisted for the military and was just in Iraq for personal reasons. He was later caught wearing military gear while visiting with local soldiers in Baghdad. This sight inspired many citizens of Iraq to sign up for the military and defend the state of Iraq. The young Iraqi has been a revelation on the field being named the “Asian Gareth Bale.” He is a regular for Iraq’s national team and his uncle, Ali Kadhim, is considered one of their greatest players in history, though that might change soon with the way Adnan is playing. Adnan has already made Iraq soccer history with his recent transfer to the Italian club Udinese, making him the the first Iraqi player in history to play in the Serie A. Ali Adnan could certainly teach us all a thing or two about patriotism, and that it never hurts to help those in need.

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