7 Best Coffee Shops in Houston

Houston is teeming with local culture, but it is easy to overlook the gems that this culture is made up of. I am in love with the local coffee shops in Houston, so I compiled a list of some of the best ones that you should definitely take some time out of your day to visit!

7. Black Hole Coffee House

Black Hole has a cool vibe, delicious treats to go with any coffee, and a crazy new cupcake flavor every time you visit! One of their most unique and popular creations is the Cajeta Latte which comes with a decadent goat’s milk caramel that resembles dulce de leche. The coffee shop is located in a cozy little strip mall in Montrose, and is the perfect place to sit around for a couple of hours to catch up with friends.

6. Tout Suite

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Tout Suite is a very unique place just east of Downtown Houston. The hip, renovated warehouse is huge, so even when it’s at its busiest, you can always find a spot. My suggestion? Stop by for brunch. They have a great menu including classic items like chicken and waffles. They are partnered with a bakery, so they sell a large variety of cupcake flavors, and are famous for having every flavor of macaron you can imagine!

5. Boomtown Coffee

Boomtown is located on 19th street, the main shopping thoroughfare in the Heights. It tends to be very busy and the space is small, so I recommend grabbing a coffee to go and maybe checking out some of the nearby antique shops. On those hot Houston days, an iced mocha toddy is the perfect way to go, kept smooth and sweet by a 12-hour cold-brewing process.

4. Ben’s Beans

Ben’s Beans is a gem that I was lucky enough to stumble upon while walking around downtown. It’s a hole-in-the-wall cafe adjacent to Discovery Green, and I was surprised to discover that it was quite spacious and filled with cozy furniture. If you want a nice place to relax or somewhere to focus and get work done, Ben’s Beans and its strong drip coffee will help you do just that.

3. Inversion Coffee House


Inversion shares its space with Art League Houston, so it’s not surprising to find that their walls are filled with art. They don’t have a large food selection, but they usually host a food truck for breakfast and lunch every day. I often stop by on my way to school to grab a lavender latte from Inversion and a breakfast taco from the food truck. They provide free Wi-Fi and more electrical outlets than most coffee shops, so lingering to stay and get work done is always welcome.

2. Siphon Coffee

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 12.14.54 PM.png

The siphon coffee method (which looks a bit like a mad scientist’s lab) is the main attraction here, giving Siphon Coffee its name. Though only a few of their coffees are done that way, you can still get a quick and equally delicious latte or flat white paired with a made-in-house breakfast taco in the morning. Siphon is open later than many other coffee shops, making it a good place for studying in the evening.


Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 12.15.39 PM.png

I wanted to save the best for last, and that spot definitely goes to Blacksmith. Despite the small space, the shop has a full kitchen that makes amazing dishes such as fresh-baked biscuits with marmalade or Vietnamese steak and eggs. I recommend a latte or a flat white and a seat that overlooks Westheimer. Also keep in mind that — as stated on a piece of artwork hanging in the shop — the first customer to order after a Queen song comes on gets a free coffee! This has happened to me twice!

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