Carnegie Students Win Big in September UIL Competition

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On September 26, Carnegie students dominated the UIL competition at Jack Yates High School. For the first time ever, Carnegie achieved first place overall in Journalism. Carnegie also swept in Mathematics, Number Sense, Science, Computer Science, Calculator Applications, Spelling and Vocab, Current Issues and Events, Social Studies, and Literary Criticism. The individual winners are as follows:

Number Sense

1st Patrick Revilla
2nd Amrith Lotlikar
3rd Garrett Holmes
4th Arnav Kak
Tie for 5th Stone Chen and Keshav Srivaths


1st Patrick Revilla (with a perfect score!)
2nd Amrith Lotlikar
3rd Stone Chen
5th Arnav Kak
6th Jonathan Deng


1st Carlos Sosa
2nd Amrith Lotlikar
3rd Silas Strawn
4th Holden Wagner
5th Michael Talanker
6th Stone Chen
Top Bio and Chem: Amrith Lotlikar
Top Physics: Patrick Revilla

Computer Science

1st Patrick Revilla
2nd Thomas McDonald
3rd Silas Strawn
6th Connor Selna


4th Carlos Escobar

Calculator Applications

3rd Garrett Holmes
4th Gilberto Martinez
5th Jonah Levine
6th Silas Strawn

Spelling and Vocab

1st Keshav Srivaths
2nd Lavonne Hoang
3rd Zainab Niaz
4th John Perez
5th Arnav Kak

Current Issues and Events

1st Holden Wagner
2nd Tim Craig
3rd Ishaan Chatterjee

Social Studies

2nd Carlos Escobar
4th Sam Ross
5th Holden Wagner
6th Michael Talanker


1st Kerrigan Quenemoen
5th Christine Lin


2nd Annum

Spanish TV Commercial

1st Daisy Salvetierra

Poetry in Spanish

2nd Daisy Salvetierra

Persuasive Speaking

1st Lauren Nyquist

Literary Criticism

1st Tory Songyang
2nd Sam Ross
3rd Jonah Levine
4th Sam Liu

Ready Writing

1st Tory Songyang
2nd Shomik Sen
3rd Juhi Choudhury
4th Celeste Lundy
5th Lauren Szuhay

News Writing

2nd Catherine Szuhay
3rd Rachel Tan

Editorial Writing

1st Catherine Szuhay
3rd Gabrielle Engel
4th Lauren Szuhay

Headline Writing

1st Tory Songyang
2nd Rachel Tan
3rd Kerrigan Quenemoen
4th Christine Lin

The next UIL event will be on October 31 at Lee High School.

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