Is the Special One Not So Special?

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The English Premier League season has been well underway this year, and in case you have been living under a rock, Chelsea has not been doing so well. After their recent 3-1 loss to Southampton they are currently ranked 16th in the Premier League. This ranking would seem normal if you were a team like Aston Villa or West Brom, but this is certainly not the norm for a 13-time championship winning team. With only four wins (two of them were against Walsall and Tel Aviv…) in thirteen games, soccer fans all over the world are trying to figure out why the team is having such a bad run of form.

One certainly could not blame finances as the cause for Chelsea’s woes. They spent over 170 million Euros on players in the past two years alone. Additionally, the players they have at their disposal now certainly shouldn’t be used as the reason for their horrible record. All of the starting eleven have individually proven themselves to be championship worthy. Chelsea’s Eden Hazard was just last year named “PFA Player of the Year.” But in this year he has yet to make an impact on the pitch. Even if all of the players were underperforming (which they are), at that point it becomes about more than just the player, it becomes about the coach. Jose Mourinho, also known as “the Special One.”

In an interview with the coach after their recent loss, he was quoted saying that this was an important moment in Chelsea’s history and that if they fired him they would lose the “best coach they have ever had.” But I am not so sure of that. When you have the resources and support to win a championship, you would think a coach with a pedigree like Jose Mourinho’s could actually produce favorable results. Yet Chelsea still remain at the bottom half of the table, and a fresh excuse is the only new thing that Jose is willing to introduce to his hapless team after a loss.
I say this because Mourinho’s team may have run out of form, but he certainly has not run out of scapegoats. This season he has already thrown the famous physio, Eva Carneiro, off the team staff because he blamed her for the teams tie with Swansea City. And if that was his reaction after just the first tie in a season, you could imagine the many other interesting things he has thought of through out this hectic year. Instead of trying to integrate new styles of play or strategy, he has turned this campaign into a soap opera.

His quotes are growing more and more outrageous as the season goes on. He even claimed that Eden Hazard played better than three time Ballon D’or winner, Cristiano Ronaldo. I personally believe that the only reason why people have not been questioning Jose Mourinho’s job, is because people have been distracted by all of the insane things he has been saying on a day to day basis. Most people can’t fathom the idea of firing a coach like Jose Mourinho. That is probably because of the fact that I just said “a coach like Jose Mourinho!” For years, he has been touted as one of the best (if not the best) coaches in the world. But he is also just well known in general. You have to think about how many professional coaches you can just name off the top of your head. I’m assuming not many. Because of his always controversial interviews, Jose Mourinho is usually the first name that comes to people’s minds when asked that question.

I would certainly not call Jose Mourinho the best coach in the world. If I could label Mourinho as anything it would be a “self proclaimed genius.” I mean he gave himself his own nickname, “the Special One,” (hence the name of the article.) Most will say that his status is deserved, and that he actually is untouchable as a coach. But if you look at the teams he has managed you will see that things are not quite so black and white. Every team he has ever managed had budgets over a 100 million dollars. And he has had no problem spending that budget on new players either. The last team he coached that had a true modest budget was Porto FC. I am not saying it is easy to accomplish what Mourinho has, but it is definitely a lot easier with hundreds of millions of dollars at his disposal. He also has not exactly taken European competitions by storm, like he did in his first spell with Chelsea. In the past two years Chelsea have been knocked out of the UEFA Cup by two teams that were arguably worse on paper. His style of play is not even entertaining or dominating. He is a win at all costs coach who practically invented the “Park the Bus” style. Parking the bus is when a team plays defensively throughout the entire game. The team almost never goes for a goal scoring opportunity, and practically ruins the game. That is why I do not find Mourinho the best coach in the world. That is also why I do not think he is untouchable. If this form continues Jose might be looking for a new job soon.          


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