Super Tuesday: Triumphant Hillary fends off Lagging Sanders

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In the aftermath of Super Tuesday, the Clinton campaign will be celebrating while Sanders will be licking his wounds. The results held up the predictions of the polls, with Hillary taking seven states to Sanders’s four, leaving her with 577 pledged delegates to Sanders’s 394. These results spell dismal signs for the Sanders’s campaign, who will have to defy all the odds to clinch a nomination over a powerful Clinton campaign.

Sanders managed four victories, Vermont, Oklahoma, Minnesota and Colorado, where his home appeal and left wing politics won him substantial number of votes, however it was Bernie’s losses that showcased a number of worries surrounding his campaign. Clinton’s powerful campaigning machine and household name status allowed her to effectively sweep the southern states, while Bernie’s separation from minority voters left him struggling. Such results do not bode well for the future of the campaign, where he will have to face multiple states in which Clinton continues to poll ahead of him by a ten point margin.

In order to win the nomination, Sanders would be required to beat Clinton by 7 percent in each State, a prospect which seems ever more unlikely. Clinton continues to lead Sanders by over 50 points in Mississippi, a lead which is reflected in many of the upcoming states. While Sanders can expect some victories if he chooses not to drop out, as a handful of the upcoming states play into his strong suit of demographics, his chances of beating Clinton overall are slim.

Clinton on the other hand has room to breathe after a tumulus first few results. Not even counting the vote of the Super Delegates, who are overwhelming in favour of Clinton, she is building a comfortable lead over the Vermont Senator. Her momentum heading into Super Tuesday lead to a victory, and it will be a true test as to whether this momentum can continue, and with it whether Clinton can pull in the results she needs to cement her nomination early.

After the beating Clinton received from Obama in 2008, this Super Tuesday will act as a substantial predictor of the remainder of the race. It is unlikely that Sanders will drop out, as he has pledged his intention to fight Clinton to the white house and remains a fundraising powerhouse, but sheer will can only get a candidate so far, and the prospects do not look good for a lagging Sanders.

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