Carnegie JSA’s mock primary–a Major Success

Being a young person who is passionate about politics is bittersweet. Friends don’t often want to talk about gerrymandering, or the proliferation of populist candidates. Lunch clubs offer these sorts of students refuge — a safe place — to make their voices heard. Students come prepared with speeches and debate briefs, with contentions and counterpoints.

On April 1, 2016, Carnegie students came out in droves to the Carnegie JSA Mock Primary to cast their ballots for the presidential nominee. In a process similar to the primaries conducted in Texas on Super Tuesday, March 1, student chose which presidential candidate they support for the general elections in November, deciding between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side, and Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and John Kasich on the GOP side. The results are published in the infographic below.

It was amazing to see this sort of efficacy — so many students coming out to make their voices heard. This is truly what causes change in our country: when students take initiative and #BeThePeople.

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