The Kentucky Primary: Possible Corruption and Voter Fraud

Source: AP

In the “too close to call” Kentucky primary, there have emerged reports of corruption and voter fraud by the state Democratic Party. More than 76 reports of election fraud from 31 counties were called into the Kentucky Attorney General’s hotline, according to NewsChannel WZAZ 3.

This again brings into question the competency and fairness of an already criticized Democratic Primary, which has been criticized by opponents of Hillary Clinton to be unfairly supporting her. Amongst the complaints are that “too close to call” states which end up calling Clinton the winner usually have high incidences of voter fraud reporting and issues with ballot collection and counting.

Even more troubling to some is that in a last-minute attempt to rouse voters across Kentucky, Hillary Clinton had the Secretary of State of Kentucky, Alison Case Lundergan Grimes, campaigning with her at the time. More concerning- on the Kentucky State Board of Elections website, Mrs. Grimes is listed as the Chair of the State Board of Elections.

During campaigning, she said on video that, “Today, I’m not only here to do my job as your secretary of state to make sure folks actually get to the polls to vote, but second, and most importantly, to support a family — both the former president and the woman I believe will be our next president”.

This calls into question the impartiality of the ballot count for the state of Kentucky, which favored former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by nearly 2,000 votes. Both Clinton and her opponent, Sen. Bernard Sanders (I-Vt.) walked away from the State of Kentucky with 27 delegates. Mrs. Clinton received the following superdelegates: Charlotte Lundergan and John Yarmuth.

Charlotte Lundergan is the mother of the Secretary of State of Kentucky, mentioned earlier. Her husband, former representative of Kentucky’s 76th district for the Kentucky House of Representatives, Jerry Lundergan, served as the state chair of Kentucky to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign.

Also concerning is that major television networks have canceled exit polling in presidential primaries which they usually have paid for. According to Ballot Access News, exit polls for the Kentucky Presidential Primary were canceled on May 6. Other polls which have been canceled are the major states of New Jersey and California.

Currently in New Jersey there have been two polls, one taken one month ago from Rutgers claiming a 9 point lead for Clinton, and other by Monmouth two weeks ago claiming a 28 point lead for Clinton. The Real Clear Politics average for California currently puts Clinton at a 9.7 point lead over Sanders.

Given the high tensions about the Democratic Primary, and the perceived corruption about the Democratic National Committee being stronger than ever, the Democrats have some answers to give about Kentucky and possibly the entire presidential nomination. This does not serve well to the perceived inequality that Sanders supporters feel that Clinton is getting, and only serves to fracture the party even more.

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  • Nobody

    Not to mention this is all happen at the sametime Exit polls are canceled? Convenient? I’d say!

  • Jeanette Wishall

    She can’t win the general.

  • supportveterans1

    It’s so horrifyingly obvious. (by the way, I really wish the writer/editor would start using “election fraud” as opposed to “voter fraud.” Big difference and helps to lend credibility to the story.

  • irish1919

    She is corrupt to the core . She is doing it in the presidential election also. Dems have always cheated but then our voting laws and early voting give them free reign to cheat those legal voters. We are a banana republic when it comes to our elections. No honest person can deny that Obamas had millions of votes which were illegal. There are illegals canvassing for Hillary, That is against the law. But then again we know the Dems will not be held accountable . Comey has proven that. He is a political hack and the FBI cannot be trusted. It is corrupt as the IRS and the V.A. We need a revolution in this country like the first one we had. We are ruled by tyrants and a cesspool of corrupt actors . Trump is right that elections have and will continue to be stolen.

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