Apple Releases iPhone 7

Featured image courtesy of Beck Diefenbach/Reuters; All other images courtesy of Apple

It is that time of year. The new iPhone has been released and is already ready out for shipping. This is your one place stop for all the information you need about the latest developments and for you to make an informed decision on which iPhone to get, to keep your current iPhone, or just keep your regular phone.


What’s New

New Colors

The iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus are now available in the following colors: gold, rose gold, silver and two shades of black – a standard black and a polished jet black. The new jet black color is a more vibrant black that shines.


Waterproof and Dust Resistant

The new iPhone is resistant up to 1 meter underwater for 30 minutes. So there is no need to be worried about dropping your phone in the water. The weird keeping the iPhone above the water while swimming maneuver shall cease to exist. If you drop your phone in the toilet just wash it and you are good go to continue with the toilet entertainment to entertainment. It is still recommended to have a waterproof casing when in the pool just in case.


Bye Bye Headphone Jack

The rumors ended up being true. There will be no headphone jack so the regular apple headphones that have been provided in the past will no longer work unless their is a special extension. It is currently impossible to have a headphone jack and a charger at the same time.


Hello Bluetooth Air Pods

The new headphone which Apple will replace past headphones for are called Air Pods. They are to be inside a case which is a charger which has a capacity of 25 hours of charging. The Air Pods itself has a capacity of 5 hours of play time. The Air Pods are to be opened right next to the Apple Device including the Apple Watch and instantly the Apple Device will recognize the device Air Pods and will start working immediately. Each Air Pod has a sensor to tell if it is in the ear and will not play unless the Airpod is in the ear. You can use one or two Air Pods. The design that goes into the ear has not changed from the past headphone which means that the Air Pods can fall off. The Air Pod has a microphone and a sensor that recognizes touches.


Louder Speakers

Instead of the regular mono speakers, there are stereo speaker that are now louder and clearer. There will be a speaker at the bottom of the iPhone and at the top.


IOS 10

Devices with iPhone 5, iPad 3 and iPod touch 6th gen or higher shall work with the new Internal operating system

– Raise phone to wake and unlock the phone

-No more passcodes, only Touch ID

– Rich lockscreen notifications for all apps including third party apps

– Clear All Notifications Button

– Siri works with Third Party Apps

– For messaging background animations, bubble effects, rich links, and Digital Touch, the sketching feature have been added


Other Apple Improvements

-25% brighter compared to iPhone 6S

-More vibrant colors on the screen

– 40% faster processing speeds compared to iPhone 6S

-longer battery life

-Optical Image Stabilisation

-New iPhone has a Pressure-Sensitive Home Button that isn’t actually a button but has feedback

-iPhone 7 Plus has dual cameras that can shoot 2x zoom without losing any detail

-32, 128, and 264 GB Capability. There is no more 16GB

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