Hayley Kiyoko: A Masterclass in Representation

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Hayley Kiyoko, the 25-year-old singer, has a variety of catchy songs that are downright impossible to forget and has an amazing voice to add but why is she such an important figure for LGBT teens?

Recently she has received widespread acclaim from fans on social media for the LGBT themes that feature in her music videos. Despite being bisexual, Hayley Kiyoko has been dubbed ‘queen of the gays’, and has become an important role model to people all over the world confused by their sexuality.

Hayley Kiyoko is so important because in the not too distant past, despite the huge number of singers and artists that already belong to the music industry, Hayley is breaking new boundaries with her music videos and their totally unapologetic gay themes. ‘Girls like Girls’ became something of an anthem to LGBT teens when the video was released in 2015. The video followed the story of two girls, one (Sonya) with a boyfriend (Trenton), and another called Coley who is interested in Sonya. Eventually, Sonya realizes that she likes Coley, when Trenton is apprehended because he was shouting at his girlfriend and being aggressive. It ends with Coley smiling because she begins a beautiful relationship with Sonya. One of the primary reasons the video has been such a hit in the LGBT community is because the video and its ending is the story that so many queer girls would love to be a part of. Through the video, Kiyoko reminds girls that what they’re experiencing is natural and nothing to be embarrassed about. It gives them pride to be lesbians, something that shockingly is still needed in modern society.

Another reason Hayley is such a massive influence is how regularly she stresses that the situation will improve for teenagers growing up and soldering through tough times. In addition, with her recent song and music video; Gravel To Tempo, she provides entertainment with important messages to be yourself, and not care about what others think. At an age where teenagers are already developing insecurities about their bodies and directing attention onto their flaws, it can be even harder for someone who is learning that they are different than the people around them. It also can be a daunting experience, having to admit these new realizations to yourself. So having a role model like Hayley Kiyoko to look up to is a fantastic way for young people in the LGBT community to feel happy with themselves and be proud of their sexuality in the way that they should feel.

But not only has she become a role model for young girls for her unapologetic attitude in response to homophobes, but her music and videos provide great entertainment that sends social media sites into a frenzy, raving for her work. It is also a good natured way of granting LGBT relationships the status of normality that they so desperately deserve, and to always remind people that ‘the only validation you need is yourself’.



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