The All American Rejects- Punk Rock’s undervalued castoffs?

The All American Rejects is an American rock band formed in the early 2000’s, when the genre ‘Punk Rock’ was popular in America. ‘Punk Rock’ was the era of skating, tattoos and piercings, when it was cool to be a ‘Teenage Dirtbag’.


However The All American Rejects have never received quite as much fame as the likes of Blink 182, Simple Plan or Good Charlotte. All American Rejects just reached 51k followers on social media accounts like Instagram, whilst the others mentioned have around twice that figure , with Blink 182 having 1.1 million followers.  The Reject’s biggest hit was ‘Gives You Hell’ which has racked up over an incredible 64 million views on YouTube since 2009. However, despite this amazingly large number, it seems they are only known as the band that made that song, and so their talent is hugely underappreciated.


Their album, ‘When the World Comes Down’, in 2008, was full of catchy pop punk songs with the amazing Nickolas Wheeler on lead guitar, whose riffs are unbelievable, but never take away from the other section of each song. It is like this with their other albums; ‘Move Along’ and ‘Kids in the Street’ to name a few. Tyson Ritter’s unforgettable voice is featured on each, and each will inspire a person in their own way. The All American Rejects is one of those bands that encourages teenagers to go out and form their own band, in the hope of achieving that sound only a band that has all the right ingredients in terms of music can achieve.


Whilst other bands from that era, with musicians and catchy songs that were as good as and if not worse than The All American Rejects, received a lot of fame for their strong upkeep of the genre, The Rejects, unfortunately do not seem to be hailed in the same way. Each of their albums is worth listening to, and you will be listening to them on repeat. They are a band like none other; yet still manage to have the signature style of a typical American Pop-Punk band, which deserve to have a long lasting career that shows them off to be the amazing band that they are.


Oftentimes the bands that make most of an impact on society are those that utilize drama to attract limelight on their careers and work. For instance, Blink 182 has become increasingly famous for the unhealthy amount of arguments in the band between the members, and many breakups. The All American Rejects have made themselves scarce from publicity and as a result have been able to steer attention towards their art rather than their personal relationships. It is without question that had The All American Reject members attempted to extend and enlarge their careers through dramatic situations in the media, they would have received more attention, and therefore, most definitely a lot more credit for their talented music and lyrics.


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