The Pretty Reckless: Saving Rock’N’Roll

The pretty reckless is a rock band with a female front named Taylor Momsen. They have released two albums have been released prior to their latest one—‘Who You Selling For’–which was released on 21 October 2016.


With the band’s latest album release, Taylor Momsen has taken on a distinctly new sound. The band’s first album, ‘Light Me Up’, had a gentle rock theme. . However, in the band’s second album ‘Going to Hell’, the record company requested hard rock, and the album took on a more grungy feel. In the band’s newly released third record, they take on a new approach. ‘Who You Selling For’ has the feel of the ‘old days’, each song reminiscent of an old rock band’s song. The magic of the record is not damaged, and once again Taylor Momsen has made a strong comeback to the music scene. Her signature husky voice can still be heard in each of the songs played.


Momsen beautifully interwove the theme of trading your soul for rock and roll into the album. She has stated in interviews that she loves the metaphor of giving your all to the music, and that she would be nothing without writing music. Taylor Momsen and her band have changed the way that Classic Rock is perceived, evolving with their new sound to create something completely different from any other band around. This thesis for this album was to prove that rock and roll is alive and kicking and it was certainly convincing. Taylor’s anxiety is right at the heart of their new album, and consequently, the record employs a darker tone than their previous work.


According to Momsen, each song represents a different part of her life. As she stated in past interviews, she copes with the obstacles created by her anxiety through song-writing. With this in mind, it allows the listener to fully appreciate the reality of each of her songs and the context of her striking lyrics and understand her mentality. Lyrics about walls closing in, or the morbid theme of ’Bedroom Window’ signal this shockingly impact darker tonal shift. She is much younger in her songs ‘Going To Hell’ and ‘Light Me Up’ and her lyrics are full of youth and rebellion, which contrasts the overwhelming darkness found elsewhere on the album. But now, in her latest album, it seems she has thrown away the stripper shoes and short dresses, taking a look at the things that really affect her emotionally.  She has continued the poignant lyrics. They are not just telling the world that she is going to hell, or of her angst, and a different side of her sentiments are explored. Even though the new album is very different from the band’s first two, it is safe to say it is just as brilliant and passionate as her previous projects.

The Pretty Reckless is back, and back with a bang. You can buy their album on iTunes, or listen on Spotify.

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