Rest In Peace 2016

2016 is over. Now that everyone has recovered from their New Year’s hangovers, it is safe to say that year brought some unexpected times for the world of entertainment.

There have been an array of new films and books released along the way, with the normal everlasting supply from the music industry, but it must not be forgotten that we have lost a few names along the way. Such celebrities include David Bowie (10/01), Alan Rickman (14/01), Prince (21/04), Gene Wilder (29/08), George Michael (25/12), Carrie Fisher (27/12) and so many more. These losses will be felt in the hearts of many for a long time to come. Other significant events that seem important to mention are the Brexit vote, Trump’ election and other interesting political movements that 2016 brought.

On a brighter note, the wizarding world has returned with the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them starring Eddie Redmayne and Star Wars still lives on in Rogue One starring Felicity Jones. After the flop of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the DC universe managed to redeem itself with the release of Suicide Squad. These films and many more that were released in 2016 made my inner nerd incredibly happy. Excitingly, 2017 has plenty of titles worth holding your breath in anticipation for.

So, welcoming in the new year with aspirations for what it will hold is a daunting prospect and many people will have made resolutions, that may or may not be maintained. 2017 promises many fascinating film and book releases that are stirring up much excitement

and anticipation that maybe 2016 will be easy to forget. There even seems to be a running joke on the internet about how historians will just skip right over 2016 and pretend it never happened! If you are a complete nerd, like me, then there should be no problem with the amount of content that is to be released this year to fangirl over.

In the mean time, let’s bid on final adieu to 2016 and look forward to the year to come.

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