Originals vs Sequels

They say the first movie is always the best and the second couldn’t possibly top it. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. But more often than not, the sequel is regarded as being notoriously worse than the original.

Perhaps one of the reasons for this presumption is that when sequels are made, previously it has often been to earn more money, should the first one have been successful, therefore encouraging people to find out the rest of the story. One example is Toy story, the beloved family movie that is now on its fourth sequel and has earned the company over a billion pounds. A more recent example of this is Finding Nemo, that has just released its own sequel 10 years later: Finding Dory. Although it does provide some humour for the kids and the adults, one might suppose simply from the title that this film could be all too cliché and ruin what had made the first phenomena such a special movie. A lot of the time, as audience members, we like to keep the picture in our heads of how we saw the characters at the end of the first movie and believe that they carry on with their ‘happily ever after’. However, when a sequel is released and we feel an urge to see it, we become disappointed as our favourite character might have met a nasty end or has fallen in love with the other man and then before you know it, our love for a movie that was once our favourite has been destroyed.

Having said that, for movies such as Star Wars or Harry Potter, where their stories were too long to fit into one movie, it only made sense to release several others, making a successful collection of films. However, when there are more than three movies to a collection, it is very easy for the original to not be viewed as the favourite because the budget will have increased considerably and the actors will have developed their roles further. Sometimes the story can be dragged out and the excitement is quickly lost.

With all the Hollywood movies that are being made these days, one could question whether there are more sequels being made than there are originals, and since the sequels are mostly worse than the original, what future does this hold for the movie industry?

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