Prince Harry – Royal or Reckless?

The discussion surrounding the purpose of monarchy in this modern world is one that has received attention for years. Whether you think the Royal Family and their glorious shines of respect are relevant for continuing healthy international relations or not is for you to decide, however more questions surround Price Harry. Does he, who is unlikely to ever have the throne, find it difficult to follow the traditions of his ancestors?

One could argue that the theory of Prince Harry being an ‘outsider’ in his own family is completely false. The British royal family are traditionally known for diving into charity work and Prince Harry himself plays a massive part in this. Harry’s generosity is evident through his 22 charities, 25 causes, 135 articles and 7 videos. Prince Harry also co-founded the charity ‘Sentebale’ with Lesotho’s Prince Seeiso, to support the orphans of Lesotho. As early as 2009, he co-founded ‘The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry’; a foundation which focuses on providing guidance and support for disadvantaged young people, building awareness on sustainable development and environmental conservation, as well as on the welfare of members of the Armed Forces and their families. Using his influence for the good of others is one of Harry’s ways of showing the caring side of his personality.

Although Prince Harry out did himself by joining the army for a decade of service, his wild days cannot be forgotten. No other royal family member has ever openly admitted to wanting to be a ‘bad boy’, except for the red-headed prince. Following the family tradition and attending the prestigious Eton College certainly did not stop him from being a party animal. It was even confirmed that Prince Charles had been aware of his son’s drug habits and was concerned because of Prince Harry’s ‘experiment[ing] with cannabis’ on ‘several occasions [one] summer’. Furthermore, who could forget those naked photos of Prince Harry unleashing the wildness inside him in Las Vegas in 2012. Not only did Harry’s craving for fun divide him from his family’s old fashioned ways, but his recent relationship with the Suits star, Meghan Markle, who is bi-racially mixed with Caucasian and African-American, has also got the world talking. This relationship has sparked a lot of attraction because people seem quite fond of the fact the prince has become “besotted” with the African-American beauty. A love like this simply would not have occurred in the early decades of the royal reign. Therefore, Prince Harry is a beautiful example of how far our society has come, soaring to new heights of equality.

But there is one question left on the lips of many; are the rebellious days over, or not?

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