The Kardashian Family- Talent or Trash?

The Kardashian clan (not forgetting Jenner, Disick and West parts) are the marmite family of the small screen. Between themselves and their award winning reality TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, they are worth a staggering $400 million. This family have divided opinions for many years, but one question still remains; are they TV talent or TV trash?

Many influential figures in the entertainment industry have expressed their negative views about one of America’s most famous families. From actress Reese Witherspoon looking down on how they made their name, to Mr Bond himself, Daniel Craig, describing the family as “idiots.” Many people have expressed their views of the Kardashian family to the press, from opinions about their ostentatious lifestyle to the tasteless scandals the family has suffered in recent years. This unique family had a unique pathway of making themselves into a household name. Through their father’s part in the O J Simpson trial, to the family mom, Kris, marrying Olympian Bruce Jenner, and then Kim being invited into the public eye after befriending Paris Hilton, their lifestyle choices brought them fame. The Kardashian’s path did not arise like other famous American families. For example, the Obama family became famous through years of hard work in politics and the Hadid family through hard work in real estate, whereas the Kardashian family’s fame came easily. To put it bluntly, the Kardashian family married well and kept well known friends that enabled their profiles to grow. Unlike many other celebrities they did not work to get where they are. Fame came to them very simply. I believe this is the root of Kardashian resentment. People do not like them because they got lucky in life and got very rich very quickly. Their reality TV show is their fame child, but how hard or gruelling is it to be filmed with your family having a dinner together or taking a luxurious vacation? It is not difficult at all, which is why some may not like the Kardashians; because they are living a easy life and basking in the benefits of fame.

But, there are many in this world who admire the Kardashians, such as their many Instagram and Twitter followers. Kim Kardashian currently has around 90 million Instagram followers; that is equal to the population of Australia and the UK, combined! This is a staggering amount of people following Kim, wanting to see what she is doing in her daily life. The family all have many fans and have used their fame in recent years to create their own businesses with convenient profits. Kourtney, Kim and Khloé created DASH, a fashion boutique with stores in Hollywood, Miami and New York, Kylie created Kylie Cosmetics makeup brand and the sisters have their own apps broadcasting details of their life. However, these successful companies would not be as successful as they are without hard work and dedication. The family have not only been popular on TV and through their companies, but have branched out further into different careers. Kendall Jenner is one of the most sought after models at the moment, modelling in the biggest fashion show of 2016, such as the Victoria Secret Fashion Show in Paris, which has meant she is classed as a ‘Victoria Secret Angel’, a role that is prestigious in the modelling world. These other triumphs of the family show they must be talented and hard working to make these happen. The Kardashian family are more then just that family off the TV. They may not be book smart but they are businesswomen who have used their fame to lead them in different directions and to bring them opportunities. DASH, Kylie Cosmetics and Kimoji are companies which came from hard work and shows how driven the family are to have achieved what they have.

The Kardashians are a very fortunate family. They found fame through who they knew, not what they knew. However, they have all transformed themselves over the last 9 years, since their show first aired. They are a uniquely talented family which, with reflection, have achieved a lot in their lives to get them where they are today.

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