The Return of the Wizard World

This year celebrates the 20th anniversary of the release of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone and, in honour of this momentous occasion, Bloomsbury publishing house have released a recovered edition of the novel. There are four different versions in both hardback and paperback editions that have the crest and colours of the different Hogwarts boarding houses incorporated into the design. Over the last few months, Harry Potter fans have had no shortage of new content with the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, starring Eddie Redmayne, in November last year that came on top of the premiere of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in July.

There is a lot of hope that these new book covers will be a repeated occurrence with the 20th anniversary of each book, so that collecting these aesthetically pleasing editions will become the ultimate past time for extreme Harry Potter fans to add to their collections. I, personally, am hoping to acquire a Hufflepuff themed edition and then maybe I will choose a different house with each book.

The wizarding world has continued to expand ever since the original series gained enough popularity for a theme park of magic themed rides in Florida to be built. In addition to the theme park, Studio tours in London, where one can receive a taste of the work that went into the films (not to mention the Butterbeer), have become a very popular tourist attraction. After all this time, Potter fans are continuing to discover plot points and clever twists in character developments, as well as new theories that have caused the large fan base to continue to thrive through a lull of new content. Due to this, the recent overload of new content has received a huge variety of response, such as the new “ships” that have emerged with fan theories and, of course, fanfiction.

There is no denying that the fictional world of Potter will continue to expand as each new generation falls in love with it and dare I say that “every child in our world will know his name” as Harry Potter continues to guide readers on journeys with him through the wonderful world of Hogwarts. With strong belief it can be said that, for fans, leaving behind their muggle lives and entering a world of magic is something that will never lose its comfort.

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