Hollywood’s Most Glamorous Night

There is the Golden Globes in January, then the BAFAS’s in the middle of February and then the European Film Awards at the end of the year. Actors and actresses are always delighted to win any one of these awards. But what they all really wish for is an Oscar.

With The Oscars being held in a few days time; what is it that makes this award ceremony so special? Is it the awards or the media attention or the red carpet anticipation before? What makes Hollywood’s most glamorous night out the best? The Academy Awards have been held for an impressive 89 years in the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles and there are 24 categories ranging from individual prizes to group awards but actually winning an Oscar is considered to be one of the greatest honours an actor can be fortunate enough to win.

One reason some believe the Oscars the most special is its uniqueness in choosing the winners. There is a 5,783 strong academy of key figures in the film industry which you enter by invitation or by being voted in. When deciding who should be nominated a coveted Oscar, unlike for other award ceremonies, only members of the category in question can vote, for example only directors can vote for the Best Director category. Once the five nominees (and nine for Best Picture) have been decided, all members are then allowed to vote for the winner. This system allows experienced and knowledgeable members of the film industry to decide which films or actors are the best and really deserve an Oscar.

Although the expert voting system which decides who wins an Academy Award contributes to the hopeful dream of winning an Oscar, I don’t believe that is what makes an Oscar the best award for acting worldwide. By winning an Oscar, actors and actresses are put into the spotlight of the film industry and their careers reap the rewards. It is a symbol of exceptional skills and it makes actors and directors more famous as a result. An Oscar can turn one member of the film industry into the most high profile actor, actress or director instantly. That is the power and speciality of the Oscars.

The Oscars are being held on the 26th February this year. At the end of the evening 20 actor and actress nominees, 60 different film nominees and 67 director, makeup artist, costume designer, musician, editor and writer nominees will no longer be nominees. There will be the 24 Oscar winners for 2017.

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