The Evolution of Ed

Global superstar Ed Sheeran, otherwise known as ‘the adorable, ginger, British artist who plays guitar, writes his own music and is winner of multiple awards’, released his newest album: Divide on March 3rd. The album features the hit singles: Castle on the Hill and Shape of You, the latter having placed number one in the charts worldwide for now several consecutive weeks. It appears that whatever music Ed decides to bring out, his songs will always make it into the top ten. This can be said due to famous songs such as The A Team, Don’t, and Thinking Out Loud that had significant success and currently it is songs from his new album that occupy 9 out of the top 10 positions in the British charts.

Sheeran found fame through his YouTube channel which he used to upload videos of himself singing in his living room. Little did he know that those videos were the beginning of a soaring success that would make him global phenomena and a name to be well known by music lovers everywhere.

The tickets for Ed Sheeran’s tour, which will continue later this year, sold out in a matter of minute. This is no surprise when you consider the soft, husky voice that has attracted a fan base of millions of people from every corner of the world. However, as in the case of all celebrities, with fame comes hatred. Sheeran has accumulated haters over the years as a lot of his songs feature strong adult themes, such as drugs and sex, and it has been rumoured that he has been in contact with the police on numerous occasions. Sheeran also stands out from other musical artists due to the fact he quit social media and got rid of his mobile phone for his New Year’s resolution, something that is very rare among celebrities who are constantly using social media as a platform for self-promotion. This is one of the many reasons, obviously not forgetting his singing voice, why he has gained heaps of respect from fellow artists. Ed has also collaborated with many other artists over the last few years, such as Taylor Swift and Devlin. These collaborations have increased his success and widened his fan base, so the fact he supposedly earns £15,000-per-day and owns a £9 million pad in the capital is no shock to anyone.

Ed Sheeran’s career is still in its beginning stage and we cannot wait to see what the future has in store for his music, and from what we have seen from him already, we are expecting great things. It seems that the only way is up.

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