The Hadid’s Hike to the Top

Gigi and Bella Hadid. They are ‘the’ supermodel sisters on everyone’s feed. There have both dated the perfect A-List men. There are both coveted Victoria Secret Angels. They have a combined Instagram following over 46.9 million. It is safe to say these sisters are the most enviable in the showbiz world, but how did they go from making rare appearances on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to becoming millionaire models?

As with many celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin (both pals of Gigi and Bella), being part of a famous and rich familiy always helps. Gigi and Bella’s father is Mohamed Hadid, multi-millionaire real estate mogul, and their mother is no less than former model, Yolanda Foster. Their father is well-known for the development of Bel Air and Beverly Hills mansions, the outbidding of Donald Trump for a hotel and also for competing for Jordan in the Winter Olympics! The girls’ mother was born in Holland and began modelling in her motherland before working in Paris, Milan, New York and many more fashion capitals. Later, she became a key cast member on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, a show which her children appeared on.

Gigi Hadid started modelling at the very young age of two! Her first campaign was for Baby Guess, after a friend of her Yolanda’s, designer Paul Marciano, urged her to get Gigi pictured. Although she stopped modelling for much of her childhood in order to focus on other interests, later on she was drawn back to the modelling world and had her break on the front cover of CR Fashion Book in 2014. Ever since then she has been one of the most sought-after models in the business.

Bella Hadid followed in big sister’s footsteps starting modelling at 16. She was signed by IMG Models in 2014 and made her New York Fashion Week debut the same year. From then on, like her sister, she has grown to be on of the best models we have seen in recent years. Bella won Model of Year in 2016 and has modelled for the best brands going, from Victoria Secret and Tom Ford to Chanel and Versace.

These sisters have shot to success in recent years. Despite being part of a famous family, it is fair to conclude that both girls have worked hard and thrived to get to the top of their industry. The Hadid sisters are fabulous, famous and flourishing. Who knows what else they have to offer?

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