NHS Induction Ceremony

This afternoon, the NHS (National Honor Society) Induction Ceremony for sophomores and juniors took place on campus. In purpose to stimulate desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character, the highly-esteemed ceremony invited formally-dressed students and their accompanying parents. Principal Mr. Moss and instructional coordinator Melissa Matsu individually handed certificates to incoming members.

Student speakers included Connor Burwell, ’15, regarding building character; Maral Gaeeni, ’14, regarding scholarship; and Leah Nadel, ’14, regarding service. Each outgoing officer lit their respective candle representing the responsibility held at NHS. 

Newly elected officers include President Sam Finkel, Vice President Jay Mondkar, Secretary Lauren Robinson, and Treasurer Lundyn Davis.

New members are Hajovsky, Tim; James, Tre’Shunda;  Chen, Stone; Eymontt, Abigail; Abileah, Jonathan; Aguirre, Alisson; Campbell, Alexandra; Nagal, Andrew; Del Vecchio, Ariel; Kak, Arnav; Banner, Pamela; Bennette, Cole; Burkins, Kendall; Szuhay, Catherine; Lundy, Celeste; Vincent, Chantalle; Cheung, Kramer; Christian, Cole; Mengesha, Daniela; Davet, Madeline; Davis, Bianca; Dopkin, Kathleen; Kilic, Ecem Simay; Engel, Gabrielle; Fitsch-Mouras, Marine; Ross, Gabrielle; Goddard, William; Babb Grace; Hartzell, Elizabeth; Herring, Zoe; Huang, Christine; Winter, Isaac; Lehmann, Jared; Trujillo, Jonathan; Jung, Sarah; Kannah, Surender; Quenemoen, Kerrigan; Khedkar, Tirthana; Kim, Elizabeth; Wang, Lani; Levine, Jonah; Lin, Christine; McElwee, Darien; Moore, Destiny; Haydon, Nashua; Ozsoy, Nezih; Odegard, Nina Hegg; Oentoro, Felicia; Pena, Daisey; Rodriguez, Janeth; Sadana, Annum; Sen, Shomik; Shah, Nolan; Stuckey, Veronica; Talje, Nadine; Liang Tian Yang; Craig Timothy; Songyang, Victoria; Villarreal, Vermilion; Wagner, Holden; Winter, Eli.

Visit the NHS site: http://goo.gl/BrSLvK

Visit the Facebook page for updates: http://goo.gl/YxZhmD


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