5 Artists You Should be Listening to this Autumn

Against the Current Against The Current, often referred to as simply ATC, is a pop rock band based in the city of Poughkeepsie, New York. The trio, consisting of vocalist Chrissy Costanza, guitarist Dan Gow and drummer Will Ferri, formed in 2011....


The Funny Women Awards: Why Women ARE Funny

After 24 heats, testing over 400 hopeful comedians, the 3 winners of the Funny Women Awards were announced on Thursday. The competition, founded by Lynne Parker, was set up to spotlight talented female personalities and has been running since 2003....

Alternative Nation

Nirvana – Phonies?

The ‘90s. Baggy clothing, greasy hair, and grunge music. The ‘90s was the time where girls wore oversized flannels and boys wore their hair down to their shoulders. It was only natural that a band like Nirvana, a band commonly thought as one of...


Hayley Kiyoko: A Masterclass in Representation

Featured Image: www.eqmusicblog.com Hayley Kiyoko, the 25-year-old singer, has a variety of catchy songs that are downright impossible to forget and has an amazing voice to add but why is she such an important figure for LGBT teens? Recently she...


Why Horror Films Aren’t Scary Anymore

The suggestion of a horror film is enough to plunge at least a quarter of the nation into a petrified state of terror with images of psychotic clowns and demonic apparitions rearing their heads. However, the reality of the infamous nightmare...


Brangelina – Reality or Ratings?

September 2016 has a been a saddening month to say the least. The world has been subject to seams of tragedies such as the worsening state of Aleppo, further gun crime in America and of course, the Brangelina divorce. This news has sent people all...

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