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Book Review: The Bargain from the Bazaar

“Awais Reza is a shopkeeper in Lahore’s Anarkali Bazaar—the largest open market in South Asia—whose labyrinthine streets teem with shoppers, rickshaws, and cacophonous music. But Anarkali’s exuberant hubbub cannot conceal the fact...


Freshmen Survey: First-Year Outlook on Carnegie

With freshmen of the Class of 2017 concluding their first year at Carnegie, we’ve decided to take a look into their perspectives on their views of their school year. As the first year of their high school careers, including their first AP...


Student Voice: TPSP Can Be Stress Free

Coming into Carnegie, underclassmen are pushed to dread the TPSP, which stands for Texas Performance Standard Project. A common saying drilled into our heads time after time is that, “junior year will be your hardest.” Sayings like these foster...

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Your Opinion: The New SAT

If you’re a junior student, you most likely took a college admissions test called the SAT today. And you probably saw a few words you’ll never see again in  your life.   Just last month, the College Board announced a new makeover of...